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Social Responsibility
“I believe we can create a world without poverty, because it is not the poor who created poverty.”

Finaccess Social and Finaccess Filantropía are the social branches of Grupo Finaccess, one allocated to social businesses and the other to philanthropic work. These companies have set their path based on donating resources, time, and talent in order to contribute to improving the quality of life of individuals, communities, and organizations in need.

Building on our purpose of being a socially responsible group and, based on the guidelines set by our ancestors, at Grupo Finaccess we work from several angles to improve the quality of life of our employees, promote the comprehensive development of families, protect the environment, and contribute to the education of children and youngsters.

To fulfill Grupo Finaccess’ social mission of serving and supporting humanitarian communities and organisms in the health, education, and environmental sectors, during 2016 Finaccess Filantropía focused its donations on four institutions whose efforts are centered on these issues: Christel House México, a human development center and Elementary and Middle School that supports children from low income families; Fundación Ayuda a la Ancianidad, a retirement home for people with emotional and economic needs; Fundación Beca, a state-of-the-art education institution committed to developing young talents in Mexico and Latin America; Caritas Arquidiócesis de México, that is part of the largest Catholic network of social aid in the world, with presence in more than 200 countries, and Mexicanos Primero, an independent and plural citizen’s initiative that seeks to promote the right to quality education in Mexico through citizen participation.

Finaccess Social implements the

innovative initiative to form social businesses through its project Disponibilidad de Visión para Todos (availability of vision for all) DVPT that offers eyesight analysis and diagnosis and the possibility of putting together modern-looking glasses immediately, using frames and lenses that are easily and rapidly assembled, at a very low price. DVPT is structured as social business, following the framework developed by the creator and developer of this concept, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, who defines a social business as a company that is created to solve a specific problem and that generates its own revenue to cover its costs, making it self-sufficient.

DVPT is currently offering marginalized communities an optometrist consultation, diagnostic equipment, and high-quality glasses. Through DVPT, in 2016 glasses were produced for more than 10,700 people and more than 23,000 free eye examinations were carried out in Mexico City and in the states of Querétaro, Guanajuato, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, and the Estado de México.

Besides Finaccess Social, universities, authorities, civil associations, companies, foundations, and community leaders also participated in this task, and important partnerships were established. Simultaneously, we worked on creating awareness in the communities about the importance of visual health and of detecting and solving eyesight problems in a timely manner.