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Social Responsibility
“I believe we can create a world without poverty, because it is not the poor who created poverty.”

Finaccess Filantropía

Carries out philanthropic work by donating resources, time, and talent to contribute to improve the quality of life of individuals, communities and specific organizations.

Finaccess Filantropía makes donations to organisms that focus their charitable efforts on social aid, education, environment, and health, such as the retirement home known as Fundación de Ayuda a la Ancianidad, AC; Cáritas Arquidiócesis de México, that is part of the largest Catholic network of social aid in the world; Christel House México that supports children from low income families; Fundación Beca, a state-of-the-art education institution; and to Mexicanos Primero, an independent citizens’ initiative that promotes quality education in Mexico; the Fideicomiso Pro-Bosque de Chapultepec and the Fondo Pro-Cuenca Valle de Bravo, both focused on environmental efforts; and the civil association Ayúdame a Sonreír Ante el Cáncer (ASAC) that supports children and youngsters suffering from cancer.

Grupo Finaccess is committed to finding and implementing new ways of helping people who need it most.

Finaccess Social

Creates and develops social businesses in order to solve a specific social problem. These businesses will ultimately generate their own revenue to cover costs, which means they can eventually become self-sustainable. Through these businesses Finaccess Social has benefited an increasing number of people in marginalized communities.

Through its project Disponibilidad de Visión para Todos, DVPT, offers eyesight analysis and diagnosis and the possibility of putting together modern-looking glasses immediately using frames and lenses that are easily and rapidly assembled, at a very low price.

Through the social housing project known as Casa 25 the company subsidizes construction of social interest homes near Mexico City.

Additionally, Finaccess Social made an investment in Solidaridad y Trabajo (Soltra), a non-profit organization located in the province of León, in Spain.