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Carlos Fernández G. created Servicios Profesionales en Administración Corporativa (SPAC), the company which in 2013 became Finaccess Servicios Corporativos. SPAC had 10 clients, between companies and people, for whom it coordinated administrative, accounting, financial, fiscal, and legal services.

A group of Mexican and foreign investors including Carlos Fernández, Luis F. Cervantes, Mario Covo, Gabriel Tolchinsky, and the New York seed capital fund Insight Capital Partners, founded Finaccess México (FM).

FM began operating in the Mexican financial market with five proprietary funds and a salesforce with a private banking background.

FM set up electronic kiosks in malls and affinity groups were promoted through the Human Resources divisions of different companies.

FM worked with a massive Afore-type salesforce in Mexico, Monterrey, and Guadalajara. SPAC widened the range of services it offered, increased its number of clients, and hired new personnel.

FM introduced new commercial strategies, streamlined the staff, restructured spending, and started working with associated promoters subject to variable compensation. SPAC increased the number of clients between people and companies to which it offered its services.

FM launched the Managed Account product using Scotia Casa de Bolsa’s platform.

FM offered more products with just three debt funds, through multi-series funds.

FM increased its family of products with the innovation of distributing third-party funds, for which it adopted a 100% open architecture. SPAC hired new personnel and moved its operating offices.

By employing the Efficient Border methodology, FM launched the Recommended Portfolio product, which includes seven different types of assets.

Carlos Fernández G. and a group of investors acquired the totality of the Finaccess México shares, thus reconstituting the shareholding scheme.

Finaccess Advisors was registered in Florida, it opened the first office in Miami to support internal clients with foreign investment management and services, and it began to operate as a registered investment adviser.

The holding Finaccess SAPI was created, including Finaccess México, SPAC, and Finaccess Advisors. Finaccess Advisors signed the first banking agreements and expanded the platform of banks with which it works globally, and costs were unified. A group of professionals, among whom there were three independent directors, became members of the Finaccess SAPI Board of Directors; the Audit and Corporate Practices Committee was created.

Finaccess Advisors spun-off Finaccess México. Finaccess Advisors continued hiring at the Miami office, as a result of continuous growth.

SPAC became Finaccess Servicios Corporativos and, with Finaccess México, moved to the new headquarters in Polanco, Mexico City. Finaccess Servicios Corporativos strengthened its organizational structure, widened the range of services it offers, and hired specialized personnel to head new divisions, including Human Resources, Administration, Legal, Fiscal, IT, and Planning. Finaccess Capital was established. Finaccess Advisors began the aggregate accounts platform that included seven added banks.

Finaccess Servicios Corporativos began the entrepreneurial transformation process by acquiring SAP Business One ERP to make the company’s operative processes more efficient. Finaccess invested in four private capital funds focused on supporting entrepreneurs in Mexico and abroad. Finaccess México reached a record number in assets under management. Finaccess Estrategia was opened, in Spain.

The holding company changed its name to Grupo Finaccess SAPI de CV. The new Finaccess México funds and the mixed fund Finaccess-EDM, were launched. Finaccess Capital made real-estate and real economy investments in Mexico, the US, Europe, and Asia. Finaccess Advisors became the fifth largest investment advisor in Florida in assets under management and participated in the creation of five investment funds. Finaccess Servicios Corporativos offered its wide range of services to a larger number of people and companies. Finaccess Capital USA, Finaccess Social, and Finaccess Filantropía were created.

Finaccess México developed five new investment funds, in collaboration with Credit Suisse. Finaccess Capital became a majority shareholder and gained control of the largest independent chain restaurant operator in Central and Eastern Europe, AmRest; it also acquired a majority share in an important Spanish real estate company, Inmobiliaria Colonial. Finaccess Advisors launched two new investment funds in collaboration with Morgan Stanley. Finaccess México and Finaccess Capital designed and put into operation the variable rate discretionary fund AXESCAP.